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Nokia Windows Phones win PCMag’s End-user Business Choice Award 2013

16:10 10 September in WP8


Windows Phones have always scored well when it comes to customer satisfaction, and a new survey published by PCMag finds this satisfaction also carries over into the work place, with business users who use Windows Phones as their primary work phone being much more satisfied with them than Galaxy, iPhone or Blackberry users.


PCMag notes:


Nokia had the highest ratings in every end-user satisfaction measure in which it had sufficient responses in our survey. It’s the clear winner of the end-user Business Choice Award for smartphones. The company received average ratings of 9.0 or higher for satisfaction with several business-related tasks including email, messaging, calendars and scheduling, and voice communications, which undoubtedly contributed to its 9.0 rating for likelihood to recommend.


Windows Phone had a net promoter score of 65%, while poor Blackberry had a score of –23%, which may explain why Windows Phones appear to be on a tear to replace Blackberrys in enterprise.


The survey is conducted by inviting PCMag readers via email to take part in a wide-ranging questionnaire which covers areas as diverse as laptops to printers to routers, and is administered by Equation Research, which also performs the data collection. Questions with less than 50 respondents per item are not analysed due to too small sample size for statistically valid results.


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