ONTHEGO Mobile Van Sales, (also known as Direct Store Delivery), enables F&B Fast Moving Consumer Goods companies to automate their sales process. Specially designed for wholesalers, manufacturers and distributors selling dry or perishable goods to supermarkets (NTUC, GIANT, COLD STORAGE, SHENG SIONG), Minimarts (PRIME, ANG MO, iECON), neighborhood stores, food hawkers and convenience kiosks (7-11, Cheers).


Perishable goods such as bread, chilled food, fresh noodles and etc requires rapid goods exchange process has been optimized for fast and accurate accounting of sales and goods movement.

ONTHEGO Mobile Pre Sales , enables any business to boost the image of the company among competition in every sales meeting. Captivate your customer attention by showcase products with HD images and updated with latest inventory info such as balance quantities and prices.


Your customers will be amazed by how personalized your service to them as every single information about them are on your fingertips. Price history and debtor aging are always keep up-to-date by having real time cloud technology.


ONTHEGO Mobile Delivery, keep you informed on every deliveries with proof of delivery such as signature, photo and GPS location. Your dispatch able to check the delivery contents on the app. Delivery routes will be re-optimized in a event there is a detour of delivery plan.


In a event of return collections, your dispatch able to generate return notes and print out to the customers. You can start using the most versatile delivery software easily.


Key Features

GPS Tracking

Outlet coverage tracked by using Geo-spatial information with time-stamp

Route Management

Routing itinerary to assist your mobile workforce to travel with minimum waste of time / fuel

Real Time Status

With mobile data connection, your mobile workforce will get real time info such as stock status, customer aging and job status.

Online / Offline data

100% peace of mind when your mobile workforce can work under with or without internet

Promotion Management

Comprehensive multi promotion campaigns automated during sales

High Performance Search

Blazing fast search results by keywords

Price History

With up-to-date price history, your sales force can make better decision on-the-go

Mobile Printing

You can print anytime anywhere by equipping a mobile printer

SaaS or On-Premise?

Don't worry. We got both covered.

Integrated Accounting

Cloud Dashboard


Access from anywhere, anytime on your favorite browsers.

Manage data such as routing, pricing, or viewing sales reports as when you like.

Hardware Support


Mobile Apps are able to run on any Android mobile devices such as smartphone or tablet.


Pair up with any Bluetooth enabled mobile printers and you are good to go for DSD / Van Sales operations.