Putting ONTHEGO Distribution Platform into a different perspective

Putting ONTHEGO Distribution Platform into a different perspective

15:23 30 January in van sales


Mr. Lim works as a van sales driver for a well-known Singapore packaged noodles manufacturer and distributor. His daily job routine involves delivering packaged noodles to various supermarkets and hawkers on the company’s behalf.

Now, do you know how he records down sales figures, stock count and more that are related to his tasks? Using pen and paper, manually jotting down each and every sum.

Penning Down The Struggles

Here comes the hard part.

Imagine doing that while struggling to meet delivery schedules, shifting stock, recording stock movement and payments, updating call cards and 1,309 other activities. It doesn’t help that he finds it difficult to accurately memorise every individual customer’s pricing. As you can picture, it’s not easy managing so many things at the same time. Sometimes, he realises that the sums don’t add up and paces around in a frantic trying to rethink what went wrong.

All in A Day’s Work

So, you can presume how his days usually go – a frenzied rush to get everything done and be accounted for. He carries a large stack of paper whenever he goes, from call cards to statements, and they sometimes get misplaced or lost. When he returns to the company, there are often inventory balance disputes. Arguments with the administration staff due to data entry errors soon follow.

It snowballs and results in unnecessary, precious time wasted trying to reconcile inventory balance and cash collection. The prospect of failing to do so stresses him out and results in an often grumpy sales driver.

Transition Troubles

When the CEO informed Mr. Lim of the new ONTHEGO’s solutions, he balked.
As a non-millennial, he had fears many others had – a lack of familiarity with modern technology and systems that could bring more problems than benefits.

However, it turned out that his worries were unfounded.
The team at ONTHEGO were prepared for this steep learning curve and sent over professionals to engage him in hands-on training.
Because the system is foolproof and easy to use and decipher, it also helped Mr. Lim get a faster grasp of the A, B, C’s of it.

Real Results

Today, Mr. Lim finds that work is more pleasant.

All the information like customer price history and customer balance are regularly updated on his smartphone. This means that he can access such information easily, and have them at his fingertips.
Inventory balances are updated real-time so there is no confusion. The sales invoices are keyed into his smartphone and subsequently printed using a mobile printer.
At the end of every working day, various reports, from stock balances to cash collection, are generated in seconds.

The conclusion?

A content employee who maintains a healthy and happy relationship with both his company and customers.

He now reports to work with newfound enthusiasm and looks forward to the next working day. Mr. Lim’s productivity also increases due to the reduction of waste of time, and is hence able to contribute more to the company. Every employee makes up a key part of any business’ foundation and success. Mr. Lim’s example depicts how any employee can use ONTHEGO’s effective solutions to deliver satisfaction and results.